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Nixon Bumper Stickers

Fun Presidential Facts – Richard Nixon

Here are some fun facts and personal opinions about President Richard Nixon

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Painted Horses Statues - Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Richard Nixon – His Marriage to His Wife Pat

“Kerioth is taken, and the strong holds are surprised, and the mighty men’s hearts in Moab at that day shall be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.” Jeremiah 48:41 KJV
She was casted in the play, The Dark Tower. Little did she realize it then, but her life would forever be changed by being in this play. He had been deceived. There was no prestige. There was no purpose, or at least a purpose that benefitted him. Most of all, there was no money. Middle school is tough.

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Watergate Complex, Washington DC

List: What similiar trait do I have with Presidents Nixon to Obama

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton and Obama. This is a list of how I think I am like them.

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Watergate Complex in the snow - Washington DC

Richard Nixon – Farewell Speech

“And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:20 KJV

Most were probably trying to escape some other pain, whether physical or emotional, and an unintended side effect of that process was the creation for which they are known. The pain is still very much still there, but its touch cannot be felt, or at the very least it was blunted a little bit. I’m sure he would have done things a lot different, hopefully more ethically, if he would have just applied the blessings from the lessons his parents taught him.

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The Burghers of Calais Statue - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nixon and Kennedy – Election of 1960

“Then David said unto the messenger, Thus shalt thou say unto Joab, Let not this thing displease thee, for the sword devoureth one as well as another: make thy battle more strong against the city, and overthrow it: and encourage thou him.” II Samuel 11:25 KJV

Maybe I was hoping Richard could give me some advice. Doing whatever he had to, one of the candidates decided winning was a lot more important than their friendship.

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Senaca Rock, West Virginia

Richard Nixon – Post White House Years

But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. Psalms 3:3 KJV

It was a long, lonely night in the motel room. Everything I worked for seemed to be falling apart. “I have never been a quitter,” he said. Lucky for us, our God is a God of second chances.

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