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Fun Presidential Facts – Andrew Johnson

Here are some quick facts, opinions, quotes and other information on President Andrew Johnson:


Personal Information on Andrew Johnson:

  • Seventeenth President (1865-1869)

Interesting Andrew Johnson facts:

  1. There have only been two former Presidents that have served in Congress. After he left office, John Quincy Adams served in the House of Representatives from March 4, 1843 until his death on February 23, 1848. Andrew Johnson is the other President to serve in Congress and he served in the Senate for a few months until his death on July 31, 1873.
  2. The Senate had adjourned and Senator Andrew Johnson headed home for the recess. He heard tales that a Governor candidate in Ohio was talking bad about him and he decided to head to Ohio to debate the slander. He stopped off at his daughter’s house, in Elizabethton, Tennessee, which was on the way. He had a stroke, but he refused medical treatment until the next day.  Although he seemed to be responding to the treatments, he suffered another stroke and died. He was buried in his hometown of Greenville, Tennessee. His body was wrapped in an American flag and a copy of the Constitution was placed under his head.
  3. Most of our Presidents have been born on either a Monday or a Thursday. There have been eight Presidents born on each of those days of the week. Andrew Johnson was one of those born on a Thursday. The other seven Presidents born on a Thursday were: Van Buren, Harding, Coolidge, Truman, LBJ, Nixon, and GHW Bush.

My favorite Andrew Johnson Quotes:

The goal to strive for is a poor government but a rich people.
I am sworn to uphold the Constitution as Andy Johnson understands it and interprets it.
Honest conviction is my courage; the Constitution is my guide.

If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet.

I feel incompetent to perform duties...which have been so unexpectedly thrown upon me.

There are no good laws but such as repeal other laws.

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Personal thoughts on Andrew Johnson:


Rise from nothing, Willingness to serve


Not a good persuader, Lack of boldness, Not very good at motivating friends or foes

Presidential Greatness Scale (1-poor to 5-great): 1.0


There is really not a whole lot to say on this one. The record speaks for itself. When President Lincoln died Andrew Johnson became President. The Civil War had just ended a few days before Lincoln’s death and the nation’s long war was over. Bringing the nation back together was a task many were wondering how Lincoln would accomplish. With Lincoln’s death, that task fell on Andrew Johnson. It seemed like  if there was a wrong way to do it, old Andrew Johnson was going to do it. First, Johnson allowed a lot of the old southern leadership to return. He also allowed the southern states to initiate Black Codes. Pre-Civil War, the southern states would make slave codes. These slave codes not only restricted slaves’ rights, they also restricted free slave’s rights. This kept most African-American, whether they were free or not, in near poverty conditions. These Black Codes were nothing more than a new name for the slave codes. He would also restore rights to almost all southerns (except those worth over $20,000). It almost appeared that the Civil War was fought for nothing. Northerners and Congress were none too happy with that and their struggles with the President lasted almost his entire term. They would even impeach him (he missed getting kicked out of office by one vote). He pretty much did nothing to help the nation heal from the long war. He pretty much accomplished nothing. He was pretty much one of the worst Presidents we have ever had.


Andrew Johnson - A Biography by Hans L. Trefousse

Andrew Johnson – A Biography by Hans L. Trefousse

Favorite Andrew Johnson book:

Andrew Johnson – A Biography by Hans L. Trefousse

Favorite Andrew Johnson story:

How he arose from a sold-off apprentice (not much more than a slave at the time) by his mother. Yet he rose to the highest office in the land.

Most memorable Andrew Johnson memory:

Visiting his home and tailor shop in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Favorite Andrew Johnson possession (see picture at the top):

My Andrew Johnson First Day Cover (Carole Murry design) that states the fact that he was the only President who never spent a day in school

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