US Presidential Facts

Presidents grouped together for a picture at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington DC

Presidential Facts

Comparing the Presidents can be fun.

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    Presidential Facts – Astrological – Zodiac Signs of the Presidents

    What Zodiac (Astrological) Sign did most of the Presidents fall under?

    Here are the Zodiac Signs (in order of the most Presidents who fell under that Sign):

    • Five (5) Aquarius – William Henry Harrison, Lincoln, McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Reagan
    • Five (5) Scorpio – John Adams, Polk, Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, Harding
    • Four (4) Cancer – John Quincy Adams, Coolidge, Ford, George W Bush
    • Four (4) Capricorn – Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Wilson, Nixon
    • Four (4) Leo – Benjamin Harrison, Hoover, Clinton, Obama
    • Four (4) Libra – Hayes, Arthur, Eisnehower, Carter
    • Four (4) Pisces – Washington, Madison, Jackson, Cleveland
    • Four (4) Taurus – Monroe, Buchanan, Grant, Truman
    • Three (3) Sagittarius – Van Buren, Taylor, Pierce
    • Two (2) Aries – Jefferson, Tyler
    • Two (2)Gemini – Kennedy, George WH Bush
    • Two (2) –  Virgo – Taft, Lyndon Johnson

    Sidenotes: A President has been born under all of the Zodiac Signs. It has been the longest time since an Aries has served as President (the last Aries President was John Tyler, our 10th President). Gemini was the last Zodiac Sign to join the Presidential team (John F. Kennedy, our 35th President, was the first Gemini President). There have never been two Presidents of the same Zodiac Sign follow each other into office.

    Just so you Know:: The two major party candidates, that are running in the 2016 Presidential election: Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio and Donald Trump is a Gemini. Our current President, Barack Obama, is a Leo, so it looks like the next President will continue the tradition of not being of the same Zodiac Sign as the previous President.

    Zodiac Signs

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    US Presidential Facts – The Letter Most Last Names of the Presidents Started With

    What letter did most of the Presidents’ last names start with?

    See if you know your President name ABC’s:

    • H Five (5) Harrison (2 Presidents – William Henry and Benjamin), Harding (Warren), Hayes (Rutherford), Hoover (Herbert)

    • C  – Four (4) Carter (Jimmy), Cleveland (Grover), Clinton (Bill), Coolidge (Calvin)

    • J Four (4) – Johnson (2 Presidents – Lyndon and Andrew), Jackson (Andrew), Jefferson (Thomas)

    • T Four (4) – Taft (William Howard), Taylor (Zachary), Truman (Harry), Tyler (John)

    • A Three (3) – Adams (2 Presidents – John and John Quincy), Arthur (Chester)

    • B Three (3) – Bush (2 Presidents – George HW and George W), Buchanan (James)

    • M Three (3) – Madison (James), McKinley (William), Monroe (James)

    • R Three (3) – Roosevelt (2 Presidents – Teddy and Franklin), Reagan (Ronald)

    • F Two (2) – Fillmore (Millard), Ford (Gerald)

    • G Two (2) – Garfield (James), Grant (Ulysses)

    • P Two (2) – Pierce (Franklin), Polk (James)

    • W Two (2) – Washington (George), Wilson (Woodrow)

    Sidenote: The Presidents that are alone in the letters of the last names are:
    E, K, L, N, O, and V – Eisenhower (Dwight), Kennedy (John), Lincoln (Abe), Nixon (Richard), Obama (Barack), and Van Buren (Martin)
    Letters not used in any President’s last name are: D, I, Q, S, U, X, Y, and Z

  • Print of all the Presidents in front of the White House

    US Presidential Facts – The Letter Most First Names of the Presidents Started With

    What letter did most of the Presidents’ first names start with?

    See if you know your President name ABC’s:

    • J Eleven (11) James (6 Presidents – Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, Carter), John (5 Presidents – Adams, Quincy Adams, Tyler, Coolidge {he was John Calvin Coolidge}, Kennedy)

    • W  – Five (5) William (4 Presidents – William Henry Harrison, McKinley, Taft, Clinton), Warren (Harding)

    • G Four (4) – George (3 Presidents – Washington, HW Bush, W Bush), Gerald (Ford, although his birth name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr.)

    • A Three (3) – Andrew (2 Presidents – Jackson, Johnson), Abraham (Lincoln)

    • R Three (3) – Rutherford (Hayes), Richard (Nixon), Ronald (Reagan)

    • T Three (3) – Thomas (2 Presidents – Jefferson, Wilson {Thomas Woodrow Wilson}), Theodore (Roosevelt)

    • B Two (2) – Benjamin (Harrison), Barack (Obama)

    • F Two (2) – Franklin (2 Presidents – Pierce, FDR Roosevelt)

    • H Two (2) – Herbert (Hoover), Harry (Truman), *

    • M Two (2) – Martin (Van Buren), Millard (Fillmore)

    Sidenotes: The letters that are most often used at the start of a President’s middle name(s) are:
    H – 3-1/2 Presidents: (1 President – William (William Henry Harrison), 1 – President – Howard (William Howard Taft), 1/2 President – Herbert (George Herbert Walker {George HW Bush had two middle names so I will count each one as a half}), 1 President – Hussein (Barack Hussein Obama))
    W – 3-1/2 Presidents: (Woodrow (Thomas Woodrow Wilson), Wilson (Ronald Wilson Reagan), 1-1/2 Presidents – Walker (George Herbert Walker Bush {George HW Bush had two middle names so I will count each one as a half}), (George Walker Bush))

    * You may also be able to count Grant in with the first letters being “H.” His birth name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. Later in life he changed it to Ulysses S Grant.

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    US Presidential Facts – Closest Presidential Election – by Electoral College Votes

    The Popular Vote is not what actually elects our President. The President is elected through a process we call the Electoral College.

    Here are the top 10 closest Presidential Elections (after the 1800 Presidential Election) by the difference in the Electoral College Vote totals (listed by Electoral College Vote Difference {Presidents total votes vs. total vote of all the other candidates running in that election}, Election Year, Elected President):

    • -93  – Election of 1824 – John Quincy Adams

    • 1 Election of 1876 – Rutherford B. Hayes

    • 5 Election of 2000 – George W. Bush

    • 23 Election of 1916 – Woodrow Wilson

    • 35 Election of 2004 – George W. Bush

    • 36 Election of 1848 – Zachary Taylor

    • 37 Election of 1884 – Grover Cleveland

    • 39 Election 1812 – James Madison

    • 46 Election of 1836 – Martin Van Buren

    • 52 Election of 1856 – James Buchanan

    Sidenote #1: In the Presidential Elections of 1800 and prior, each elector was granted two votes (one to be used to vote for President and the other to be used for Vice President). When Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied, in the election of 1800, with the same number of Electoral College votes ,the election was sent to the House of Representatives to be decided. Burr was supposed to be running as Jefferson’s Vice President (the way it was supposed to work was the one with the most Electoral Votes would become President and the one with the second most Electoral Votes would become Vice President). The next election (the Election of 1804) the rules were changes so that the President and Vice President were on separate ballots.

    Sidenote #2: In the Presidential Election of 1824 (the first one on our list), none of the candidates received a majority (over 50%) of the Electoral College Votes, as required by the Constitution. The top three candidates, therefore, were sent to the House of Representatives, where John Quincy Adams prevailed over Andrew Jackson. That makes Andrew Jackson the only person to lose the Presidency after having won the Electoral College Vote.

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    US Presidential Facts – Presidential Dogs

    Dogs have been one of the more popular pets of the Presidents.

    Here are some of the dogs that claim some of the Presidents as masters (Name, Breed, President):

    • Bo  – Portuguese Water Dog – Barack Obama

    • Barney Scottish Terrier – George W. Bush

    • Buddy Labrador Retriever – Bill Clinton

    • Millie Springer Spaniel – George H.W. Bush

    • Rex Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Ronald Reagan

    • Grits Border Collie – Jimmy Carter (given to his daughter Amy, but quickly returned)

    • Liberty Golden Retriever – Gerald Ford

    • Checkers Cocker Spaniel – Richard Nixon (became famous from Nixon’s “Checker’s Speech”)

    • Him and Her Beagles – Lyndon Johnson (Johnson caused quite a controversy when he lifted one up by the ears for the press in 1964)

    • Pushinka Mutt – John F. Kennedy (a gift from Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev, a puppy of Soviet space dog Strelka)

    • Fala Scottish Terrier – Franklin Roosevelt

    • King Tut Belgian Shepherd – Herbert Hoover

    • Calamity Jane Shetland Sheepdog – Calvin Coolidge

    • Laddie Boy Airedale Terrier – Warren Harding

    • Blackjack Manchester Terrier – Theodore Roosevelt

    • Veto ? – James Garfield

    • Faithful Newfoundland – Ulysses Grant

    • Fido ? – Abraham Lincoln

    • Punch Toy Terrier – James Buchanan

    • Le Beau Italian Greyhound – John Tyler

    • Buzzy Briard – Thomas Jefferson

    • Satan ? – John Adams

    • Drunkard and Tipsy Black and Tan Coonhounds – George Washington

    Sidenote: Calvin Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt probably had the largest mixture of animal choices as pets. Coolidge’s “pets” included: raccoons, a donkey, canaries, a goose, lion cubs (named: Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau), a duiker, a black bear, a wallaby, a Pygmy hippopotamus, a bobcat, a cat, at least ten different breeds of dogs. Theodore Roosevelt’s pets included: a one legged rooster, a barn owl, a Hyena, cats, a rabbit, a pig, a Badger, a small bear, a lizard, a hen, a macaw, a snake, a rat, ponies, guinea pigs and at least seven breeds of dogs.

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    Vice Presidential Facts – Presidents who were once a Vice President

    Fourteen Presidents served as a Vice President before they became a President. Interesting how being Vice President worked out for them.

    Vice Presidents who became President on the death of another President, but never got elected themselves:

    • John Tyler   Became President on the death of WH Harrison   (1841-1845)

    • Millard Fillmore   Became President on the death of Zachary Taylor   (1850-1853)

    • Andrew Johnson   Became President on the death of Abraham Lincoln   (1865 – 1869)

    • Chester Arthur   Became President on the death of James Garfield   (1881 – 1885)

    The Vice President who became President but were not elected as Vice President on the original ticket (25th Amendment of the Constitution states that a Vice President shall be replaced if he is removed, resigns, or dies in office) (he was never elected President on his own):

    • Gerald Ford    (he replaced Vice President Spiro Agnew, who resigned, then President Richard Nixon resigned)   President from 1974 – 1977

    Vice Presidents who became President on the death of a President, but were elected by their own rights, too:

    • Teddy Roosevelt (Became President on the death of William McKinley) Elected on his own in 1904

    • Calvin Coolidge (Became President on the death of Warren Harding) Elected on his own in 1924

    • Harry Truman (Became President on the death of Franklin Roosevelt) Elected on his own in 1948

    • Lyndon Johnson (Became President on the death of John F. Kennedy) Elected on his own in 1964

    Vice Presidents who became President by being elected on their own:

    • John Adams (Was Vice President under President George Washington) Elected President in 1796

    • Thomas Jefferson (Was Vice President under President John Adams) Elected President in 1800 & 1804

    • Martin Van Buren (Was Vice President under President Andrew Jackson) Elected President in 1836

    • Richard Nixon (Was Vice President under President Dwight Eisenhower) Elected President in 1968 & 1972 (resigned in 1974)

    • George HW Bush (Was Vice President under President Ronald Reagan) Elected President in 1988

    Sidenote: Thomas Jefferson was the only Vice President that was elected and served out two terms as President. Richard Nixon was elected to two terms but he resigned during the second term (in 1974) and did not finish out that second term.

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    US Presidential Facts – List of day of the month which most Presidents died

    The world is full of unlucky numbers. On which day of the month did most of the Presidents die?

    Maybe you can scratch some of these Presidential days of death from your lottery picks:

    • Four (4th) (4 Presidents died on the 4th day of a month) John Adams (July 4, 1826), Jefferson (July 4, 1826), Monroe (July 4, 1831), WH Harrison (April 4, 1841)

    • Eighth (8th)  – (4 Presidents died on the 8th day of a month) Jackson (June 8, 1845), Pierce (October 8, 1869), Fillmore (March 8, 1874), Taft (March 8, 1930)

    • Twenty-second (22th) (3 Presidents died on the 22th day of a month) – Kennedy (November 22, 1963), LB Johnson (January 22, 1973), Nixon (April 22, 1994)

    • Fifth (5th) (2 Presidents died on the 5th day of a month) – Coolidge (January 5, 1933), Reagan (June 5, 2004)

    • Fifteenth (15th) (2 Presidents died on the 15th day of a month) – Polk (June 15, 1849), Lincoln (April 15, 1865)

    • Seventeenth (17th) (2 Presidents died on the 17th day of a month) – Washington (December 17, 1799), Hayes (January 17, 1893)

    • Eighteenth (18th) (2 Presidents died on the 18th day of a month) – Tyler (January 18, 1862), Arthur (November 18, 1886)

    • Twenty-third (23rd) (2 Presidents died on the 23rd day of a month) – JQ Adams (February 23, 1848), Grant (July 23, 1885)

    • Twenty-fourth (24th) (2 Presidents died on the 24th day of a month) – Van Buren (July 24, 1862), Cleveland (June 24, 1908)

    • Twenty-sixth (26th) (2 Presidents died on the 26th day of a month) – Truman (December 26, 1972), Ford (December 26, 2006)

    • Twenty-eighth (28th) (2 Presidents died on the 28th day of a month) – Madison (June 28, 1836), Eisenhower (March 28, 1969)

    • Twenty-third (23rd) (2 Presidents died on the 23rd day of a month) – Buchanan (April 23, 1791), Pierce (November 23, 1804)

    • Twenty-Eighth (28th) (2 Presidents died on the 28th day of a month) – Monroe (April 28, 1758), Wilson (December 28, 1856)

    Sidenotes: Only two Presidents have been born and died on the same numbered day of the month: James Garfield (born: November 19, 1831, died: September 19, 1881) and Warren G. Harding (born: November 2, 1865, died: August 2, 1923).
    No Presidents have died on the seventh (7th), tenth (10th), eleventh (11th), sixteenth (16th), twenty-first (21st), or twenty-fifth (25th), twenty-seventh (27th), twenty-ninth (29th), or thirtieth (30th) day of a month. All the other days (1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 31) of the month have had one President die on them.

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    US Presidential Facts – List of day of the month which most Presidents were born

    The world is full of lucky numbers. Which day of the month were most of the Presidents born?

    Maybe you can use some of these Presidential birth days of the months for your lottery picks:

    • Twenty-ninth (29th) (4 Presidents born on the 29th day of a month) Tyler (March 29, 1790), A Johnson (December 29, 1808), McKinley (January 29, 1843), Kennedy (May 29, 1917)

    • Fourth (4th)  – (3 Presidents born on the 4th day of a month) Hayes (October 4, 1822), Coolidge (July 4, 1872), Obama (August 4, 1961)

    • Twenty-seventh (27th) (3 Presidents born on the 27th day of a month) – Grant (April 27, 1822), Teddy Roosevelt (October 27, 1858), LB Johnson (August 27, 1908)

    • Second (2nd) (2 Presidents born on the 2nd day of a month) – Polk (November 2, 1795), Harding (November 2, 1865)

    • Fifth (5th) (2 Presidents born on the 5th day of a month) – Van Buren (December 5, 1782), Arthur (October 5, 1829)

    • Sixth (6th) (2 Presidents born on the 6th day of a month) – Reagan (February 6, 1911), George W Bush (July 6, 1946)

    • Ninth (9th) (2 Presidents born on the 9th day of a month) – WH Harrison (February 9, 1773), Nixon (January 9, 1913)

    • Twelfth (12th) (2 Presidents born on the 12th day of a month) – Lincoln (February 12, 1809), George HW Bush (June 12, 1924)

    • Fourteenth (14th) (2 Presidents born on the 14th day of a month) – Eisenhower (October 14, 1890), Ford (July 14, 1913)

    • Fifteenth (15th) (2 Presidents born on the 15th day of a month) – Jackson (March 15, 1767), Taft (September 15, 1857))

    • Nineteenth (19th) (2 Presidents born on the 19th day of a month) – Garfield (November 19, 1831), Clinton (August 19, 1946)

    • Twenty-third (23rd) (2 Presidents born on the 23rd day of a month) – Buchanan (April 23, 1791), Pierce (November 23, 1804)

    • Twenty-Eighth (28th) (2 Presidents born on the 28th day of a month) – Monroe (April 28, 1758), Wilson (December 28, 1856)

    • Thirtieth (30th) (2 Presidents born on the 30th day of a month) – John Adams (October 30, 1735), FD Roosevelt (January 30, 1882)

    Sidenote: No Presidents have been born on the third (3rd), seventeenth (17th), twenty-first (21st), twenty-fifth (25th), twenty-sixth (26th), or thirty-first (31st) day of a month. All the other days (7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 29) of the month have one President born on them.

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    US Presidential Facts – List of States (and the District of Columbia) Where the Presidents Died

    Thirteen (13) states and the District of Columbia have been where the decease Presidents have breathed their last breaths.

    Here are those thirteen (13) states and DC with Presidential deaths within their borders:

    • Nine (9) – New York Monroe, Van Buren, Fillmore, Grant, Arthur, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, Nixon

    • Seven (7) Washington DC – JQ Adams, WH Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Taft, Wilson, Eisenhower

    • Four (4) Virginia – Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Tyler

    • Three (3) California – Harding, Ford, Reagan

    • Three (3) Tennessee – Jackson, Polk, A Johnson

    • Two (2) Massachusetts – Adams, Coolidge

    • Two (2) New Jersey – Garfield, Cleveland

    • Two (2) Texas – Kennedy, LB Johnson

    • One (1) Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania – FD Roosevelt (GA), B Harrison (IN), Truman (MO), Pierce (NH), Hayes (OH), Buchanan (PA)

    Sidenote: Of the thirteen original colonies, six (6)of those states have yet to see a President die within their borders. Those six states are: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.

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    US Presidential Facts – Most Presidents Alive at One Time

    In what period of our history have the most US Presidents been alive at one time.

    Starting at their birth and going to their death (their lifetime), how many US Presidents have actually been alive at the same time? I used some of the oldest declared candidates (Donald Trump, born in 1946 and Hillary Clinton, born in 1947) in the upcoming election (2016) to determine a cutoff point.  From that information I decided to use 1945 as the cutoff point. So what is the greatest number of Presidents alive at the same time and in which years did this happen?

    • 18 Presidents –   1822 through 1826 –    All the Presidents from John Adams through Rutherford B. Hayes

    • 18 Presidents –   1833 through 1841 –    James Madison, Benjamin Harrison, and All the Presidents from John Quincy Adams through Chester Arthur

    • 18 Presidents –   1843 through 1845 –   John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, and All the Presidents from John Tyler through William McKinley

    • 17 Presidents –   1829 through 1832 –    Chester Arthur, and All the Presidents from James Madison through Rutherford B. Hayes

    • 17 Presidents –   1842 –    John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and All the Presidents from John Tyler through Benjamin Harrison

    • 17 Presidents –   1846 through 1848 –   John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, and All the Presidents from John Tyler through William McKinley

    • 17 Presidents –   1858 through 1862 –   Martin Van Buren, John Tyler, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, and All the Presidents from Millard Fillmore through William McKinley

    Sidenote: In the year George Washington died (1799) there were thirteen Presidents alive that year. In the last year of our survey (1945), there were eleven Presidents alive that year.

  • Presidents who died on a Tuesdays

    US Presidential Facts – List of the day of the week in which each Presidents died

    On which day of the week have the most of the US Presidents died?

      A US President has died on every day of the week. On which day of the week have most of the US Presidents died:

    • Tuesday – Nine (9) –  Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Hayes, Hoover, Truman, and Ford

    • ThursdaySix (6) – Van Buren, Grant, Arthur, Harding, Coolidge, and FD Roosevelt

    • Saturday Six (6) – Tyler, Lincoln, Johnson, McKinley, Taft, and Reagan

    • Monday Five (5) – Monroe, Buchanan, Garfield, T Roosevelt, and LB Johnson

    • Friday Five (5) – Polk, Pierce, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon

    • Still Living Five (5) – Carter, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama

    • Sunday Four (4) – Jackson, WH Harrison, Fillmore, and Wilson

    • Wednesday Three (3) – JQ Adams, Cleveland, and B Harrison
      Sidenote: The first four Presidents (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison) all died on a Tuesday. There have only been four other times that consecutive Presidents have died on the same day of the week: Cleveland & B Harrison (on Wednesdays), Harding & Coolidge (on Thursdays), Eisenhower & Kennedy (on Fridays), and Lincoln & A Johnson (on Saturdays).


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    US Presidential Facts – President Names – Who are the Juniors?

    Which Presidents were actually Juniors? These Presidents had the same name as their Fathers and actually have the big Jr. at the end of their name. Here are the names we know them by and their “real names”:

    • John Adams –  John Adams, Jr.

    • James Madison – James Madison, Jr.

    • John Tyler –  John Tyler, Jr.

    • James Buchanan – James Buchanan, Jr.

    • William McKinley – William McKinley, Jr.

    • Theodore Roosevelt – Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

    • Calvin Coolidge – John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.

    • Gerald Ford – Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

    • Jimmy Carter James Earl Carter, Jr.

    • Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama II

    Sidenote: Bill Clinton is the only President that is third in line to his original birth name. He was born William Jefferson Blythe III.

  • James and Dolly Madison - Montipelier, Orange, Virginia

    Presidential Facts – Presidents without sons, daughters or children at all

    Six Presidents did not have any kids of their own blood. Nine additional Presidents did not have any sons. Six additional Presidents did not have any daughters.

    Presidents without any children of their own blood:

    • George Washington

    • James Madison

    • Andrew Jackson

    • James K. Polk

    • James Buchanan

    • Warren G. Harding

    Additional Presidents without any sons of their own blood:

    • James Monroe

    • William McKinley

    • Woodrow Wilson

    • Harry S Truman

    • Lyndon Johnson

    • Richard Nixon

    • Bill Clinton

    • George W. Bush

    • Barack Obama

    Additional Presidents without any daughters of their own blood:

    • Martin Van Buren

    • Franklin Pierce

    • Abraham Lincoln

    • Calvin Coolidge

    • Herbert Hoover

    • Dwight Eisenhower

    Sidenote: John Tyler had the most kids (15) and William Henry Harrison had the second most (10). John Tyler also had the most sons (8) and Rutherford B. Hayes (7) had the second most. John Tyler completes the sweep with the most daughters (7) and Thomas Jefferson (5) had the second most daughters.

  • James K Polk (older) Locket - James K Polk's Home - Columbia, Tennessee

    Presidential Facts – Shortest Retirement

    Being President has to be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Excluding the Presidents who died in office (WH Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, FDR, and Kennedy), the Presidents who are still alive (Carter, GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush) and the current President (Obama), which Presidents had the shortest retirement (length of time after they left office until they died)?

    • James K. Polk –  103 days

    • Chester Arthur – 624 days

    • George Washington –  1015 days

    • Woodrow Wilson – 1033 days

    • Calvin Coolidge – 1403 days

    • Lyndon Johnson – 1463 days

    • James Monroe – 2313 days

    • Andrew Johnson – 2340 days

    • James Buchanan 2646 days

    • Benjamin Harrison 2930 days

    Sidenote: Jimmy Carter (12508+ days) has the longest retirement and he adds to it every day. Herbert Hoover (11553 days) is next on the list.

  • Hearse carrying Gerald Ford's casket

    Presidential Facts – Oldest Presidents

    Who are the top ten oldest Presidents? Excluding the five living Presidents (George HW Bush, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), here are the ten oldest Presidents:

    • Gerald Ford –  93 years, 165 days

    • Ronald Reagan – 93 years, 120 days

    • John Adams –  90 years, 247 days

    • Herbert Hoover – 90 years, 71 days

    • Harry Truman – 88 years, 232 days

    • James Madison – 85 years, 104 days

    • Thomas Jefferson – 83 years, 82 days

    • John Quincy Adams – 80 years, 227 days

    • Martin Van Buren 79 years, 231 days

    • Dwight Eisenhower 78 years, 165 days

    Sidenote: The five living presidents rank by age as follows: George HW Bush (90 years, 312 days), Jimmy Carter (90 years, 201 days), George W Bush (68 years, 288 days), Bill Clinton (68 years, 244 days), and Barack Obama (53 years, 259 days).

  • Flags of the 13 Colonies - Williamsburg, Virginia

    Presidential Facts – Birth States of the Presidents

    Seven states have had more than one President born within their borders. Andrew Jackson is a question mark. He was born close to the North and South Carolina border and there are people who would argue either way on this one. For our purposes we are going to say Andrew Jackson was born in South Carolina.*

    Here are those seven states with multi-births and the other fourteen states that have one President born within their borders:

    • Eight (8) – Virginia Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, WH Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Wilson

    • Seven (7) Ohio – Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B Harrison, McKinley, Taft, Harding

    • Four (4) Massachusetts – J Adams, JQ Adams, JFK, GHW Bush

    • Four (4) New York – Van Buren, Fillmore, T Roosevelt, FD Roosevelt

    • Two (2) North Carolina – Polk, A Johnson

    • Two (2) Vermont – Arthur, Coolidge

    • Two (2) Texas – Eisenhower, LB Johnson

    • One (1) Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina*- All the other Presidents

    Sidenote: Of the thirteen original colonies that became states, only three of those states have yet to have a President born within their borders. Those three states are: Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

  • Gerald Ford Campaign Button - Newseum, DC

    Presidential Facts – Birthplace Distances from Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States

    There is a little town in Kansas called Lebanon. It sits about 12 miles from the Kansas-Nebraska border. In 2013 it had a population of 206 people, with the average age being 51.3 years old. About 2.6 miles northwest of town is what is called the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states of the United States.

    When the modern Presidential Candidates run in primaries, they tend to run toward the stronghold in that party. Once they receive the nomination they tend to move back toward the center of the electorate. So which Presidents were born closest to the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states?

    Here are the top ten closest to that center from their birthplaces. Mileages are approximate and near the birthplace locations.

    • One – Gerald Ford  167 miles

    • Two Harry S Truman – 281 miles

    • Three Herbert Hoover – 399 miles

    • Four Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower – 433 miles

    • Five Ronald Reagan – 476 miles

    • Six Bill Clinton – 506 miles

    • Seven Lyndon “LBJ” Johnson – 662 miles

    • Eight Abraham Lincoln – 708 miles

    • Nine Benjamin Harrison – 738 miles

    • Ten William Howard Taft – 751 miles

    Sidenote: The top five farthest are: Barack Obama (3685 miles), John and John Quincy Adams (1441 miles), George HW Bush (1438 miles), and John “JFK” Kennedy (1435 miles).

    Source: Distance Between Cities
  • Berkeley - William Henry Harrison's Birthplace

    Presidential Facts – Day of the week the Presidents were born on

    What day of the week were most of the Presidents born on?

    A President has been born on every day of the week. Which day of the week were most Presidents born on:

    • Monday – Eight (8) –  Tyler, Polk, Arthur, Hoover, FDR, Reagan, Ford, Clinton
    • Thursday Eight (8) – Van Buren, A. Johnson, Harding, Coolidge, Truman, LBJ, Nixon, George HW Bush
    • Tuesday Seven (7) – Madison, WH Harrison, Fillmore, B. Harrison, Taft, Eisenhower, Kennedy
    • Friday Six (6) – Washington, Monroe, Pierce, Grant, Hayes, Obama
    • Saturday Six (6) – Jefferson, JQ Adams, Buchanan, Garfield, Cleveland, George W Bush
    • Sunday Five (5) – J Adams, Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson
    • Wednesday Three (3) – Taylor, Teddy Roosevelt, Carter
    Sidenote: There have never been three consecutive Presidents who have been born on the same day of the week. There have only been five times that two consecutive Presidents have been born on the same day of the week.
    Source: Ancestor Search – Day of the Week Calculator


  • James Madison University Sign - Harrisonburg, Virginia

    Presidential Facts – Education of the Presidents

    The Presidents had many ways and places they acquired their education.

    Which colleges did most of the Presidents graduate from? Were there any Presidents who did not attend college? Listed are the top colleges the Presidents graduated from and/or if they attended college at all.

    • Eight (8) – Harvard University John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, Hayes (Harvard Law School), Obama (Harvard Law School), George W. Bush (Harvard Business School)
    • Eight (8) Never Attended College – Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Cleveland
    • Five (5) Yale University – Taft, George HW Bush, George W. Bush, Ford (Yale Law School), Clinton (Yale Law School)
    • Three (3) Attended College But Didn’t Graduate – William Henry Harrison, McKinley, Truman
    • Three (3) The College of William and Mary – Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler
    • Two (2) Princeton University – Madison, Wilson
    • Two (2) United States Military Academy – Grant, Eisenhower
    • One (1) Twenty-three Other Colleges and Universities – 19 Different Presidents

    Sidenote: Only one President earned a Ph.D. (Woodrow Wilson). Three Presidents attended four different colleges (Wilson, Eisenhower, and Carter).

  • George Washington Monument at his birthplace: Wakefield, Virginia

    Presidential Facts – Months the Presidents were born in

    What month were most of the Presidents born?

    In February we celebrate President’s Day, but is it the month in which most of the Presidents were born? Here are the months in order of the most Presidential births during that month (the day they were born is in parenthesis next to the President’s name):

    • Six (6) October – Carter (1), Hayes (4), Arthur (5), Eisenhower (14), Teddy Roosevelt (27), John Adams (30)
    • Five (5) August – Obama (4), Hoover (10), Clinton (19), Benjamin Harrison (20), Lyndon Johnson (27)
    • Five (5) November – Polk (2), Harding (2), Garfield (19), Pierce (23), Taylor (24)
    • Four (4) January – Fillmore (7), Nixon (9), McKinley (29), Franklin Roosevelt (30)
    • Four (4) February – Reagan (6), WH Harrison (9), Lincoln (12), Washington (22)
    • Four (4) March – Jackson (15), Madison (16), Cleveland (18), Tyler (29)
    • Four (4) April – Jefferson (13), Buchanan (23), Grant (27), Monroe (28)
    • Four (4) July – Coolidge (4), George W. Bush (6), JQ Adams (11), Ford (14)
    • Three (3) December – Van Buren (5), Wilson (28), Andrew Johnson (29)
    • Two (2) May – Truman (8), Kennedy (29)
    • One (1)June – George HW Bush (12)
    • One (1) –  September – Taft (15)

    Sidenote: Only two (2) Presidents were born on the same day (but not the same year): James K. Polk and Warren G. Harding. They were born on November 2. Were any of the Presidents born on your birthday?

  • James and Dolly Madison - Montpelier, Orange, Virginia

    Presidential Facts – Ten Shortest Presidents

    Who are the ten shortest US Presidents?

    Most Presidential trivia experts know who the shortest US President was. It was James Madison at five feet four inches. But who are the other nine short guys to join him in the top ten shortest US Presidents list?

    • Height: 5 ft. 4 in. James Madison
    • Height: 5 ft. 6 in. Martin Van Buren
    • Height: 5 ft. 6 in. Benjamin Harrison
    • Height: 5 ft. 7 in. John Adams
    • Height: 5 ft. 7 in. William McKinley
    • Height: 5 ft. 7-1/2 in. John Quincy Adams
    • Height: 5 ft. 8 in. William Henry Harrison
    • Height: 5 ft. 8 in. James K. Polk
    • Height: 5 ft. 8 in. Zachary Taylor
    • Height: 5 ft. 8 in. Ulysses S. Grant

    Sidenote: The “average” President was about five feet 10-1/2 inches tall. The only President of that height was Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower.

    Source: Wikipedia

  • Lincoln sitting at the Lincoln Memorial

    Presidential Facts – Top Ten Presidential Height Differences

    With candidates lining up to run for President, does their height play a role in their election?

    The 2012 Presidential Election was our nation’s 57th Presidential Election. In three of those elections the candidates (George Washington in 1789 & 1792 and James Monroe in 1820) ran unopposed. In three other elections (1804, 1808, and 1816) the heights of the other candidates (who lost) is not known. Of the other 51 elections here is a top ten list of the greatest height difference between the candidates. The winners of the Presidential Election are in Green.

    •  Election of 1860 Height difference: 12″Abraham Lincoln (6 ft. 4 in.), Stephen A. Douglas (5 ft. 4 in.)
    •  Election of 1812 – Height difference:  11″ – DeWitt Clinton (6 ft. 3 in.), James Madison (5 ft. 4in.)
    •  Election of 1864 – Height difference:  8″ – Abraham Lincoln (6 ft. 4 in.), George McClellan (5 ft. 8 in.)
    •  Election of 1796 – Height difference: 7-1/2″ – Thomas Jefferson (6 ft. 2-1/2 in.), John Adams (5 ft. 7 in.)
    •  Election of 1800 – Height difference: 7-1/2″Thomas Jefferson (6 ft. 2-1/2 in.), John Adams (5 ft. 7 in.)
    •  Election of 1824 – Height difference: 7-1/2″ – William H. Crawford (6 ft. 3in.), John Quincy Adams (5 ft. 7-1/2″)
    •  Election of 1852 – Height difference: 7″ – Winfield Scott (6 ft. 5 in.), Franklin Pierce (5 ft. 10 in.)
    •  Election of 1920 – Height difference: 6″Warren G. Harding (6 ft. 0 in.), James M. Cox (5 ft. 6 in.)
    •  Election of 1944 – Height difference: 6″Franklin Roosevelt (6 ft. 2 in.), Thomas Dewey (5 ft. 8 in.)
    •  Election of 1988 – Height difference: 6″George H.W. Bush (6 ft. 2 in.), Michael Dukakis (5 ft. 8in.)

    Results: Six of the top ten Presidential Election candidates who were taller won their elections and four who were taller lost their Presidential Elections.

    Source: Wikipedia