Warren G. Harding

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  • Twenty-ninth President (1921-1923)
  • Birthday: November 2, 1865 (Thursday)
  • Birthplace: Blooming Grove, Ohio
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Date of Death: August 2, 1923 (Thursday)
  • Place of Death: San Francisco, California
  • Place of Burial: Marion, Ohio
  • Cause of Death: Congestive Heart Failure
  • Age: 57 years old
  • Length of Retirement: Died in office
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Party: Republican

Warren G. Harding Offices Held

  • US Senator from Ohio (1915-1921)
  • Lietutenant Governor of Ohio (1904-1906)

Warren G. Harding Nicknames

  • Wobbly Warren
  • President Hardly
  • W.G.
  • Winnie
  • Sonny

Warren G. Harding Pets

  • Dogs (named Laddie Boy and Old Boy)
  • Squirrel (named Pete)
  • Canaries

Warren G. Harding Personal Traits

  • Height: 6 feet – 0 inches

Warren G. Harding Quotes

Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too much of government, and at the same time do for it too little.
I am not fit for this office and should never have been here.
It is my conviction that the fundamental trouble with the people of the United States is that they have gotten too far away from Almighty God.
The success of our popular government rests wholly upon the correct interpretation of the deliberate, intelligent, dependable popular will of America.
America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration.
I don't know what to do or where to turn in this taxation matter. Somewhere there must be a book that tells all about it, where I could go to straighten it out in my mind. But I don't know where the book is, and maybe I couldn't read it if I found it.
The black man should seek to be, and should be encouraged to be, the best possible black man and not the best possible imitation of a white man.
There is something inherently wrong, something out of accord with the ideals of representative democracy, when one portion of our citizenship turns its activities to private gain amid defensive war while another is fighting, sacrificing, or dying for national preservation.

Warren G. Harding Timeline – Family

  • December 21, 1843 Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding (Mother) born in Blooming Grove, Ohio.
  • June 12, 1844 Dr. George Tryon Harding (Father) born in Blooming Grove, Ohio.
  • May 1, 1864 Dr. George Tryon Harding (Father) marries Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson (Mother) in Galion, Ohio.
  • May 4, 1859 Henry “Pete” Athento DeWolfe (Wifes’s First Husband) born in Marion, Ohio.
  • August 15, 1860 Florence “Flossie” Mabel Kling DeWolfe Harding (Wife) born in Marion, Ohio.
  • November 2, 1865 Warren Gamaliel Harding born in Blooming Grove, Ohio.
  • March 1, 1867 Charity Malvina Harding Temsberg (Sister) born.
  • April 26, 1868 Mary Clarissa Harding (Sister) born.
  • November 11, 1872 Eleanor Priscilla Harding (Sister) born.
  • April 8, 1874 Charles Alexander Harding (Brother) born.
  • May 31, 1875 Abigail Victoria Harding Lewis (Sister) born.
  • March 11, 1878 George Tryon Harding (Brother) born.
  • November 9, 1878 Eleanor Priscilla Harding (Sister) dies.
  • November 9, 1878 Charles Alexander Harding (Brother) dies.
  • 1879 Phoebe Carolyn Harding Votaw (Sister) born.
  • January 22, 1880 Florence “Flossie” Mabel Kling (Wife) marries Henry “Pete” Athento DeWolfe (Wifes’s First Husband) in Columbus, Ohio.
  • September 22, 1880 Eugene Marshall “Pete” DeWolfe (Step-Son) born in Galion, Ohio.
  • 1886 Florence “Flossie” Mabel Kling DeWolfe (Wife) divorces Henry “Pete” Athento DeWolfe (Wifes’s First Husband).
  • July 8, 1891 Warren Gamaliel Harding marries Florence “Flossie” Mabel Kling DeWolfe (Wife).
  • March 8, 1894 Henry “Pete” Athento DeWolfe (Wifes’s First Husband) dies in Marion, Ohio.
  • October 29, 1913 Mary Clarissa Harding (Sister) dies.
  • January 1, 1915 Eugene Marshall “Pete” DeWolfe (Step-Son) dies in Colorado.
  • May 10, 1920 Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding (Mother) dies in Marion, Ohio.
  • August 2, 1923 Warren Gamaliel Harding dies in San Francisco, California.
  • November 21, 1924 Florence “Flossie” Mabel Kling DeWolfe Harding (Wife) dies in Marion, Ohio.
  • November 19, 1928 Dr. George Tryon Harding (Father) dies in Santa Ana, California.
  • January 13, 1934 George Tryon Harding (Brother) dies.
  • March 21, 1935 Abigail Victoria Harding Lewis (Sister) dies.
  • 1951 Eleanor Priscilla Harding (Sister) dies.
  • November 2, 1951 Charity Malvina Harding Temsberg (Sister) dies.

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